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I’ve seen couples married/together (my parents, family friends, grandparents, friends) for 20 or more years and fall out of love but still together because it’s ‘convenient’ or that is all they are use to. either party is not happy, why settle if you are not truly happy? it sucks. I just pray, the day I fall in love I stay in love. everyday I want to feel a new kind of love with my lover. I want him to be my better half, to inspire me. I just want every time to feel like the first time. I don’t want to “honeymoon” stage to ever end. I know couples fight and whatever, but I don’t want the fire to die. seeing shit like this within my own family makes me hesitant to feel open with someone, but at the same time it has taught me things I would not want apart of my marriage/relationships, and what I want.

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