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a care free black girl.

wutang bae.


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I am amazing and I know it. I got my degree early, i managed a whole non-profit organization, I am a teacher, I am beautiful, sexy, I got nice tits, hips, plum thighs and lips. I’m fabulous. I’m smart and intelligent. I help pay for my brother’s education, I paid my student loans, I help my parents, I give charity. I can cook and bake, not only do I throw it down in the kitchen but the bedroom too. physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually great. I do this achieved a lot and I’m only 22. alhamdulilah I’m a carefree black girl and any one who ends up with me is lucky.

flower child,

i. sometimes I just want
your body for sex. for a
twenty minute fuck

ii. other times I want
to hold you and make love to
you. sweet and lovely

iii. I am a broken
piece of glass that cuts herself
each time you are  hurt

 iv. I want to plant a
kiss on each of your wounds and
watch you heal and grow

v. I want to hold you
right against my chest so you
can hear my hearts cries

vi. I want you to build
your home deep inside my womb.
write your name on my walls

vii. fill me up with your
passion, wants and needs. plant your
dreams inside of me

viii. let me put my shield
down and let your love in with
open arms and legs

xi. let me find love in
you. let me find trust in you
let me heal with you

x. flower child, let us
grow from a fuck to healing.
lets heal each other



If Gabriel García Márquez had written nothing but One Hundred Years of Solitude, he would still be the most important Spanish-language writer ever.


Sza feat. Kendrick Lamar | Babylon

And I can’t recall the last time I took advice from anyone
I’m sure I’ll be the death of me

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if you ever need a pillow

i have these soft ass thighs

i got you if you need me




Green Lanterns by Clayton Crain


Nizar Qabbani


Mary J Blige & Method Man

sexual frustration < everything.



Tyra Banks, Beverly Peele and Naomi Campbell photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue, May 1992





Willow Smith’s crop top style.

That girl is going to slay the game in a few years, watch. She is going to be the new supermodel.

willow smith has been killin it since she was like 8, she’s so amazing


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